Self employed stud Merlin and his friends are ready to do any job both big and small, and while they are at work lots of opportunities to hammer gorgeous BBWs crop up. In this first of a series of adventures they get to do three very British wives. Merlin and Pascal return home to collect some meats but instead surprise Pascal’s girlfriend who is greedy for two pennis. Next up Merlin and Pascal are doing a plumbing job when the wife of the house Lacey Starr appears dressed as a fairy, she made a mistake doing that and within seconds she has the plumber and his mate pumping her cunt. To finish, Merlin and Warren have taken up gardening and while they are preparing the estimate for Alisha Rydes she finds a way to distract them and they soon put down the cocks and give her their full attention. Watch out for further adventures of Merlin & Co.

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